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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is useful in every moment of every day

Yoga is useful in every moment of every day.



Learning how to breathe and control our bodies provides a deeper connection awareness, courage, and compassion as well as more balanced energy. These connections do not simply dwell in the land of yoga philosophy, but also relate to current research and science.


Mindfulness allows us to be more aware, to step into ourselves and into our lives inspired, not only WITH presence but also AS a presence! These are not just practices that take place on a yoga mat, but rather tools to incorporate in all aspects of our life. We can literally learn how to be super.


Below are a few tools to help you practice standing in your power while remaining grounded to presence:


1) Focus on Your Breath

Take 10 deep full-belly breaths

Close your eyes and place your hands on your low belly

Inhale like you are filling up a balloon

Exhale all the way to the base of the belly hugging your navel to spine


2) Adjust your Attitude and Energy


Listen to Your Favorite Hype Music

Wear Clothing that makes you feel inspired

If not inspired, wear red-it projects power and confidence.


3) Take Ownership of Your Embodiment


Get into your body

Do a few sun salutations or go for a short walk. Focus on living in the moment, with attention on each inhale and exhale or every single footstep placed on the earth.

Check your body language in the mirror

Present yourself as standing tall and open. I recommend a power pose or


If you would like to learn more join me this Wednesday at October Moxie!


More about Dr. Christa:

Dr. Christa Schwind received her PhD in Yoga + Comparative Religion from The University of Denver in 2015 and has been practicing postural yoga for fifteen years. She is also a founding partner, creative developer and lead educator of Wind Wellness and an ambassador for the Cherry Creek Lululemon. Christa teaches yoga classes and co-leads the 200-hour yoga teacher training at The River Power Vinyasa and is also a Professor of Yoga, Hinduism and Wellness; serving on the steering committee for the Yoga Theory and Practice Group at the American Academy of Religion. She is (most importantly) a wife and mama of two young boys, Luca and Soren. 


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